About us

Our goal is to bring Design in everyday life, humanize new technologies and materials, helping people to better use and understand new objects.

Our main services:

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Creative Direction


How we work:

Our work is characterized by formal, functional simplicity coupled with an intense emotional component, based on the idea that every design object should reflect our cultural and social experiences. We design channels and strategies that transform brands, drive business and improve people's lives.

We provide personal, hands-on creative and functional solutions.

Strategic Design Direction

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About us

We think strategically.

We interrogate, research and ask questions.

We listen.

We know when to obsess over fine details and when to look at the big picture.

We create long term connections between consumers and brands.

The Team:

Melissa Meza

Melissa is a psychologist that helps develop new products and services based on customer perception. She believes that a brand success begins when finding the real essence that inspires both employees and customers.

Marcelino Solis

Marcelino is a Graphic Designer, Visual Artist and founder of the studio. He believes in a "Less is more" mindset when building memorable brands and product experiences.

Strategic Design Direction

Monterrey, México
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An all-encompassing vision of design is a prerequisite in every work we do. Our projects combines product, communication and service design elements. The human and technological side of design are both crucial to us.